Our Expertise

High Rise Residential Building

Concrete frame construction employing conventional and postensioned slabs. Stability analysis to resist wind and seismic forces.

Low Rise Residential Buildings

Load bearing wall construction utilising either traditional masonry walls or in-situ concrete walls.

Commercial Buildings

Concrete frame construction including shopping centres, school buildings and office buildings.

Industrial Warehouse buildings

Structural steel portal frames with gantry cranes and tilt up Concrete wall construction.


Dilapidation reports; Diagnostic reports for buildings exhibiting signs of structural damage; Structural Forensic reports for fire damage buildings; Formwork inspection reports and certification.

Shoring Structures for Bulk excavation

Excavation below the water table using secant piling system; Excavation in sand using a range of sheet piling, contiguous piling or geocast wall system steel or concrete soldiers with shotcrete infill panels.

Single Residence, Townhouses and Villas

Footings, Concrete floor slabs, Steel and Timber framing construction.

Swimming Pools

Reinforced concrete swimming pools, in-ground and suspended out of ground structures.

Sound Barriers

Wall sound barriers.


Conversion of existing building to new use such as commercial or industrial to residential